My Story

Hi, I’m Bob

I am a PRCA Gold Card holder, that has competed most of my life in bareback riding and team roping.

The Family-Centered Motivation

Cribbage is an excellent game I played on a family vacation in Minnesota as a kid. Cribbage has always been my family’s game of choice. Now married I have been incorporating it into holidays and family gatherings,  traditions, and memories. Cribbage remains our favorite to this day and is being passed down from generation to generation.

A while back, a buddy group of PRCA bareback riders thought it would be fun if someone changed the board to a yearly rodeo schedule with the NFR & world championships. That’s when the wheels started to turn to create an attractive rodeo cribbage board to make it more exciting and competitive. 

As kids in the practice pen, we all dreamed of being a World Champion. Now the Pro Rodeo cribbage board is designed with that inspiration in mind as a Western-themed conversation piece, that is movable and can lead to an enjoyable traditional game at a moment’s notice. 

A rodeo tradition embodied in a cribbage board – now you can play while tracing your path through the most critical rodeo towns en route to the NFR & A GOLD BUCKLE. This is the path real rodeo champions follow to win  – now you and your family can too!

Don’t worry about the blind horse pulling the wagon – just keep loading the wagon